"Zit" selected for 3 film festivals

“Zit” selected for international film festivals

The Dubbo made short film, Zit, has been selected as part of two different international film festivals. This means the cast and crew will have the opportunity to have their talents showcased to a wider audience after its Dubbo premiere in November, 2017. Producer, Erifili Davis, is understandably excited about the selections.

“It’s great that our film premiered at the Dubbo One Eye Film Festival and it’s terrific to give our talented local cast and crew exposure to a wider audience,” said Erifili.

The first selection is the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival, where Zit was selected for the “Comedy” category. This film festival combines online and live screenings.

“The particularly exciting thing about this film festival,” said Erifili, “is the possibility of having Zit selected to broadcast on a Chinese TV channel specialising in micro films.”

“The Chinese in particular have apparently embraced the microfilm format.”

The live screenings will be held at various locations in the city of Nottingham, England, March 8 to 10, 2018.

To find out more about the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival, visit their website:


The second film festival for which Zit was selected as a semi-finalist was the Los Angeles CineFest in the “Short Film” category. Los Angeles CineFest is a online and live international event. Each month Los Angeles film industry specialists announce semi-finalists, finalists and winners.

“Only a small amount of films each year get selected for the live screening event,” said Erifili. “As a semi-finalist, we have been selected as part of an online festival. Once again, it’s great that our local production is being given wider exposure.”

“The next live event is Sunday, January 24, 2018. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to drop in to pick up our semi-finalist certificate,” laughs Erifili.

You can find out more about Los Angeles CineFest here:


“I’m not too caught up with the idea of selections and winning prizes,” said Erifili. “What I am interested in is showing the world that Dubbo has a strong and thriving film community and hopefully help attract more funding and opportunities for writers, filmmakers and performers.”

Erifili encourages anyone in Dubbo who is interested in being involved in filmmaking in some way to get in touch with Dubbo Filmmakers:

Dubbo Filmmakers Group

Update, January 16, 2018

Zit has now been included as part of the official selection of a third film festival, the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival for the category “Short Short Films- Less than 6 minutes”.

“We had a great team on the project,” Erifili said, “with most of the cast and crew being female.”

“Once again, the best part is that we’re reaching a wider audience with our film.”

The Women’s Only Entertainment (WOEFF) is a monthly online festival for shorts of various lengths culminating in a live screening at the end of the year for monthly winners and other selected films. To find out more about the festival, visit their website:




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