Daniel Rutter DoP on the set of the short film "Zit"

Meet the crew: Daniel Rutter, DoP

Daniel Rutter came to work on the short film “Zit” after responding to a call-out put out by Erifili Davis, the producer, for a Director of Photoghraphy (DoP). Once on set, Daniel’s role extended to giving our sound people Dayna Behsman and Kellie Jennar a crash course in sound recording and even calling out directions once Erifili, the director, lost her voice.

“I honestly have no idea how long I’ve been involved in film making, perhaps since I was 13,” said Daniel, who is now 27. “I started off as a photographer for my class in high school and went into film/video not long after.”

Daniel has been working as a DoP, mainly for his and friends’ projects, for 8 years. He has dabbled in directing, editing, writing and even acting but he says, “I’m most comfortable behind the camera.”

As well as working on “Zit”, Daniel is working on his own project, focusing on the Dubbo live music scene and, in particular, musicians who are  performing original work. He is in pre-production for some music videos and is working on writing a screen play.

Daniel said working on set was surprisingly stress free.

“The actors acted like total professionals even though it was their first film project for most and the extras were very patient! Erifili directed well even suffering a cold, and our continuity specialist, Kellie, kept us on point.

“My fellow camera operator Milena was a dream to work with, even coming up with shots and ideas I hadn’t thought of. She was a great asset and I’m glad we decided to shoot with two cameras.”

Find out more about Daniel and his work online:

Daniel Rutter Films Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DRFAU/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielrutterfilmsvideo/

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