Milena Sallustion on the set of "Zit"

Meet the crew: Milena Sallustio, camera operator

To describe Milena’s role on Zit as “camera operator” does not do justice to the enthusiasm and vision she brought to the set. She and the cinematographer, Daniel Rutter, made a terrific team who were essential to bringing writer/director Erifili Davis’ project to the screen.

“I got involved with Zit  through the Dubbo Film Makers group,” said Milena. “They’re a great bunch of creatives who get together quite regularly and a great group to bounce ideas off and we support and critique each other’s work.

“In Zit, I worked the second camera which was an awesome experience as I got to work alongside Daniel Rutter, the DOP and first camera.

“I absolutely loved being a part of the Zit crew. The director, Erifili, knew how to get the best from the actors and the crew which made it fun and exciting for everyone involved.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Milena is an accomplished artist, ceramicist, photographer and filmmaker as well as a fine arts educator. You can see more of Milena’s work here:

If you’d like to find out more about the Dubbo Filmmakers group, visit their website:


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